Learn to communicate effectively

To get people understanding and pushing for life extension technologies, its paramount that you become a good communicator. Here are ten steps to take to get there.

  1. Prepare your 30 seconds to impress statement.
  2. Join your local toastmasters group. If you can join up to two so that you can go every week and keep your momentum going.
  3. Any time that you are 5 foot away from someone is a good time to communicate. So prepare a few sentences before hand, and use them when you are at the bus stop, or the check-out counter, or waiting in line in a store.
  4. Join a drama club.
  5. Do evening courses in acting.
  6. Try some haggling, go to a local market and see if you can get 10% off all that you buy.
  7. Ask someone for help – if you know someone who communicates effortlessly, then ask them for help and advice.
  8. Get a second job working in PR, marketing, or sales.
  9. Go to networking events.
  10. Create your own business on the side, this will give you a focal point for networking and bring in some extra cash.

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